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Hall Of Fame
Page Created By: Evan Breisblatt Date : 1/27/2017
Jack Dietrich Class of 1980
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2016

Jack was 1st Team placekicker in 1977 & 1978

Ted Travis-Bey Class of 1961
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2015
Chester County Sports HOF 2014
Wilkes College 2000

Ted was two time first team Ches-Mont selection at Quarterback in his junior and senior year.

Jamie "Bubba" Gray Class of 1992
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2015

Jamie was two time all Pac-10 selection, all county, all area team, all-state, and Pac-10 MVP (1991). In Jamie high school career finished with 12 sacks.

Joe Bradshaw Class of 1958
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2015

Joe was two time first team Ches-Mont selection at Quarterback his junior and senior year.

Neal Olkewicz Class of 1975
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2011
Chester County Sports HOF 2012
Tri-County Sports HOF 2012
Pennsylvania Sports HOF 2015

Neal was two time first team Ches-Mont selection at MLB his junior and senior. He was also selected All-State team and Ches-Mont MVP. He lead team in tackles every year.

Nick Basca Class of 1935
Chester County Sports HOF 2010
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2012

Joe Geri Class of 1942
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2012
Georgia University 1988

Joe Geri was all-league selection in suburban league and a all-state selection in 1941. He is second in school history with most rushing TD's and tied for first for most rushing TD's in a season.

Andre Thornton Class of 1967
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2012
Cleveland Indians 2007
Reading Phillies 

Andre starred in football

Bill Thornton Class of 1960
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2013

Bill was selected first team Ches-Mont at halfback in 1959 and all-league in 1958.

Chris Minor Class of 1989
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2013

Chris Minor is a two time Pac-10 selection, league offensive player of the year in 1987, All-State selection in 1988, and Big 33 player in 1989. Currently Chris is first in school history with all-purpose yards and career rushing yards.

Rich Kraynak Class of 1979
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2011

Rich was named first team All-State in 1978 and all Ches-Mont selection. League MVP and Defensive Player of the year in 1978. He also played in the Big 33 game in 1979.

Jim Vojcsik
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2011

Jim was selected Ches-Mont Selection in 1969 & 1970 at Quarterback.

Buddy Sutyak Class of 1964
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2014

He earned all-league honors

Anthony Romano Class of 1980
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2014

He earned All Ches-Mont honors as linebacker and offensive lineman. All-State selection in 1979.

Ed Stec Class of 1960
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2015

He earned All Ches-Mont honors in 1958 and 1959

Creighton Gubanich Class of 1990
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2015

He earned all 1st Team LB 1988 and in 1989 he was 1st Team QB and honorable mention at LB

Tom Stoltz Class of 2004
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2016

Tom was a placekicker

Clayton Setzler Class of 1950
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2012

Clayton starred in football

Paul Tomko
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2014

Coach Tomko won two Ches-Mont Championships in 1963 & 1966. Coach Tomko finishes his coaching career with record 63-66-3 ties.

Kuhrt Weineke
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2013

Coach Weineke won five championships in 1934, 1936, 1937, 1940, & 1941. Coach Weineke finishes his coaching career with 69-19-14 

Greg Bamberger Class of 1978
Tri-County Sports HOF 2011
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2017

Greg was two-time Ches-Mont selection as Offensive lineman in 1976 & 1977. In 1977 was named defensive player of the year. Greg was All-State selection in 1977 and participated in Big 33 game in 1978.

Joseph Ujobai Class of 1949
Gettysburg College Sports HOF 1981

Joseph was 1st Team all-conference selection in 1948

Travis Ford-Bey Jr. Class of 2006
West Chester University Football HOF 2017

Travis was 3 time Pac-10 selection at RB and 1st team DL, Pac-10 MVP (2005), and is in few categories in 10 top for rushing & sacks.

Vincent Daher
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2015

Coach Daher and his team were Co-Ches-Mont Champions in 1959.

Charles Faddis Class of 1935
Phoenixville Sports HOF 2013

Charles starred in football and was on the orignal phantoms.

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