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Facts About Phoenixville Football
Page Created By: Evan Breisblatt Date : 1/25/2017

Did you know?

  1. Washington Field: dedicated on October 16, 1926.  Named for General George Washington because it was the closet athletic field at the time to Valley Forge.
  2. Nick Basca helped  give the Phantoms nickname/mascot during 1934 football season by sports writer Herb Good
  3. Phantom quarterback Scott Vojcsik teamed with Gerry Thornton for a 94 yard touchdown pass (Spring-Ford 1972)
  4. John Celanti caught a 95 yard TD pass from Jack Dettra (OJR 1976)
  5. Phoenixville made its first District One AAA playoff apperance in 2005
  6. Phoenixville made its first District One AAA Championship Appearance 2011
  7. Matt Garcia holds the record for the most rushing yards in a season with 1,820 (2016). Broke it during Norristown by rushing for 253 yards and previous holder was Greg Thornton who had 1,600 in 1976.
  8. Ted Travis-Bey was the first African American Quarterback at Phoenixville High School (1958-1960)
  9. Kenny Saville was selected to the high school All-American team his senior year in 1954
  10. Phoenixville Football first game ever was played back in 1894.
  11. Touchdowns used to be worth less than 6 points before 1911 and field goals used to be worth more than 3 points before 1909.
  12. The Union Club is the most well-known and was big in Phoenixville from 1907 to 1920. This club was made up of local athletes and eventual later on started bringing in outsiders to play in this club. They would pay these outsiders to play on this team.
  13. Phoenixville had eight players selected and played in the Big 33 game. Last time person played in this game was Chris Minor in 1987.
  14. Phoenixville had five players nominated to the East vs West PA game. Last person to be nominated was Nasir Green in 2017.

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