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February 2017
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Matt Branch Dead Lift
Matt Branch 450LB Dead Lift
Cory Bird 500 LB Squat
Matt Garcia
Matt Palubinksy
As we have done in years past, the Phoenixville Football Team ishosting a Super Bowl pool fundraiser. 1st and 3rd quarter winners get $100.00each, half time winner gets $150.00, and final score winner gets $250.00. It is$20.00 per block. Below are th
Matt Garcia All-State RB
Senior running back Matt Garcia‚Äôs big 2016 season has been followed up by an even bigger offseason.  The Phantoms all-time single-season rushing leader was named to the Pennsylvania State Football Writers Association 5A First Team this week. Ga
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Evan Breisblatt just posted a news article Super Bowl Pool
Evan Breisblatt just posted a photo 2016 Season
Evan Breisblatt just posted a photo 2016 Season
Evan Breisblatt just posted a photo 2016 Season
Evan Breisblatt just posted a photo 2016 Season
Evan Breisblatt just posted a photo 2016 Season
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